Roopkund Trek Review By Rohith Gupta

(Roopkund Trek – 22nd May’2012 Batch)




Roopkund – Mother trek of IndiaHikes and first one of my life. Hell of a trek. Endless meadows, steep climbs, chilly weather,Extreme high altitude, etc, etc ,etc. You name it and this trek has it. Some people of our group said this trek should not be recommended for beginners but I disagree. If you love luxury, this trek is not for you. You need to have that rawness in you. You cannot buy “Aloo ka parantha” at 4800 metres (Roopkund lake), you have to earn it and IndiaHikes will help as much as they can to achieve this feat. Some local during the trek said “Mumbai ka fashion aur pahado ka mausam, bahut jaldi  badalta h”. And our group experienced the very truth in this saying. Mental divide over taking Diamox, Steep trek from Neelganga to Didina, Buranj Juice, Long day trek to reach Bedni, Horses and Mules grazing at Ali Bugyal, Cricket at 13700 feet, 13 year old trek leader, Cleaning utensils @ sub-zero temperature, Emptying bowels “Neele gagan ke tale”, Cleaning teeth just with salt, Inability to take “karwat” inside sleeping bag, Sleeping at 9 for whole week, Fighting with sleeping bags to get them packed, Carrying the rucksack for the whole trek, The view of Trishul from Bedni, Watching people searching for Keedajadi (costlier than gold), Taking shortcuts, Watching campsite at Patar Nachauni from Kalu Vinayak, Rocky campsite @ Bhagwabasa, Setting feet harder in ice using crampons, Disappointment on not reaching Junargali, Eating ice and hoping it will make me less thirsty…………the more i think about the trek, more moments like these flash in front on my eyes. No picture can match even half the beauty of Roopkund. And while returning our cab driver said actual trekking starts from Roopkund. (To Mt. Trishul).  Hoping to climb Stok – Kangri once in my life. Keep trekking.

Sandhya UC

Sandhya UC

Sandhya is a founding partner at Indiahikes. Over the past ten years, she has explored and put on the map few of the greatest Himalayan treks in India, including Kashmir Great Lakes and Kedarkantha. She is a TedX Speaker and has been awarded the Women of Worth Award by Outlook Business in 2017. She believes in sustainable living just as she believes in sustainable trekking. Read a feature on Sandhya in Outlook Business Read Sandhya's other articles Read Sandhya's TedX Talk, How I Climbed The Mountain Of Entrepreneurship

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