October 2015 Blog Contest Winner

kdzonga sunrise pan

We got some interesting blog entries for the October 2015 Blog Contest. But this one, written by Ishita Jain, was what stood out. And while, we adored how she’s sketched all her experiences, what impressed us was the fact that she did it amidst horses drooling all over her Camel Paints. That’s some dedication, girl! Congratulations!

To read the complete blog click Ishita’s blog.


Latika Payak

Latika Payak

Latika Payak has worked as a journalist with Femina, New Woman, BollywoodLife.com and wrote articles for the weekly editions of Times Of India Crest before growing allergic to full-time jobs. So she broke free from the glass-walled buildings and became the official story-teller of the trekking world.

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