I want snow on my trek.

Seeing snow on a trek is all about timing. If you are looking for snow on your trek, you will have to trek in the right season and on the right trek.

The snow depends on the altitude you are reaching and the region in which you are trekking.

Trek in month of December, January, February and March.  You are bound to find snow in all the treks that you do. ( Anything above 10,000 feet )

Trek in the month of April, May, June to find snow at slightly higher altitudes ( above 14,000 feet)

It is very hard to find snow, post June in the monsoon season. You can expect rain during these months, but not snow.

If you are a first time trekker and want to see snow, then trek in winter on a lower altitude trek.

We would highly recommend reading this article for in-depth details about when and where to find snow on treks – https://www.indiahikes.com/will-find-snow-himalayan-treks-india/


Difficulty LevelTrek NameBest time to trek in snow
Easy-ModerateKedarkanthaEnd December – early April
Dayara BugyalEnd December – early April
Prashar LakeMid January – early March
Nag TibbaMid January – early March
ModerateRoopkundMay, June, October
BrahmatalEnd December – early April
Har ki DunEnd December – mid April
Bhrigu LakeMay, June
Hampta PassJune, early July
Tarsar MarsarEarly July
Sandakphu PhalutDecember – January
Moderate-DifficultPangarchulla PeakApril, May
Gaumukh TapovanMay
Buran GhatiJune
Rupin PassMay, June
Kashmir Great LakesEarly July
DifficultGoechalaApril, May, November
Pin BhabaJuly – September
Kanamo PeakJuly – September